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Your best rust converter

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Just got MTs

Joined: 11 Nov 2009
Odometer: 194
Location: Durham-UK

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 12:36 pm    Post subject: Your best rust converter Reply with quote

What are peoples preferences then? I am sick of looking and reading mixed reviews all round so have no idea where to go.

Bilt hammer seems well liked, jenolite no so much.Flag rust converter is very cheap and seems ok review wise. So many options and they are all similar so do you go for a pricey one or just buy the cheaper on the premise they are all similar and the result is all down to your prep.

I actually have a large por 15 kit but i dont like the way you have to wash it with water on the bare metal first. Thus why i am seeking a different brand and ill only use it on the bumpers etc.


"If i can not fix it myself, i do not want to own it"

LWB Sj-92
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Mud Obsessed

Joined: 24 Feb 2008
Odometer: 3366
Location: Staffordshire UK

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Slap the worst off with hammer and chisel, then a sand blast the area, a quick rub with abrasive paper to remove the heigh spots, phosphoric acid (like genolite), zinc primer, several coats of finish paint, then wax.

kill all rust crystals, have no peaks sticking through the paint, electrically insulate the steel with paint.

You also need to stop rust on the inside, as rust is like a battery and it weakens the other side of the sheet causing rust there.

Sounds mad Very Happy
Trust me, it’s good science and from experience.

You shouldn’t need an etch primer because the surface is rough, but do use it on clean shiny metal.

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** GED **
Mud Obsessed

Joined: 18 Jun 2014
Odometer: 2031
Location: Scouser

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

park it next to a landrover.

biggest rust converters on the planet...

the other co-founder of the DCJC

Member of TEAM CHAOS
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