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VW Amarok... V6

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Mud Obsessed

Joined: 12 Jun 2002
Odometer: 8834
Location: Bolton, a town far, far away....

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:22 am    Post subject: VW Amarok... V6 Reply with quote

What. A. Drive....

The Difflock 3 are safe..... but you can still send cheques..!

Fetch me a coffee & no one gets hurt.
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Mud Obsessed

Joined: 14 Nov 2006
Odometer: 6062
Location: scunthorpe

1989 Suzuki SJ

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have one of these. The echo is because it has microphones and speakers front and back to make it easier to talk to the back passengers. When you go to alter the volume on the stereo theres a button top right next to the volume bar, press that and you can adjust how much it amplifies. It's really weird if you have it up too high.

Bad points about it;

Factory 13 pin electrics doesn't have a switched live to no good for caravans.

It has regenerative braking so never takes the battery above 80% charge so that it has somewhere to put the electricity which means if you fit an after market towbar with switched live it will flatten your caravan battery to 80% too unless you fit a dc-dc charger.

Rear leg room poor compared to other new trucks, but it is just a face lift of the old truck and was on par for its day.

Satnav is a pain to search using postcodes. It can do postcode but not postcode and house number. It's a bit of an after thought, I think because in Germany they have a postcode for the whole town so would usually search by street name. The best I can get is to search by postcode then do a search around this area and put in the street name. If you want house number you have to type town, then street, then number. Sometimes it takes a few goes to get the town right as your not always sure if it wants the town or village name.

Idle is usually 600 rpm but it often steps up to around 850 rpm whilst it's doing a regen or the battery is low or the engine is cold or whatever. The engine has so much torque that it catches you out in traffic and you have to push on the brake quite hard to get it to stop. I'm convinced one day it will do it and i'll push into the back of someone.

The auto box is the best I've ever driven but I still don't like them. There's still a lag whilst it decides which gear it needs for a junction if you don't stop as theres a gap you think you can nip into. It also doesn't skip gears so if you try and gently pull out of a road end into a 30mph it has to do every gear change from 1st to 7th which is completely unnecessary and makes it hard to get a balance between not accelerating and booting it.

The stop start is very aggressive, it cuts the engine at a T-junction before I've had chance to look even one way so it's often only stops the engine for a couple of seconds then has to start it again. I have to turn it off everytime I get in the car.

The lighter sockets stay on all the time which can be good or bad depending what you use them for.

They only tow 3.1 tonne in this country despite the fact that they're rated to tow 3.5 tonne in the rest of Europe.

They are over the 2040kg weight limit so your restricted to van speed limits whereas the Isuzu for example is lighter and can travel at car speed limits. It's a stupid law as this would stop in a much shorter distance than any of the trucks I've had in the past but it's the law we currently have.

Compared to the ford they're very poor value in terms of spec. The wildtrak is cheaper and has loads of gadgets. For me this is a plus as I hate stuff that beeps at me but you'd expect that tech to put the price up not down.

The heated mirrors don't have a warning light or turn off automatically when you stop and start the engine so I usually forget them and leave them on all the time.

It's quite thirsty, I get anywhere between 22mpg to 29mpg across a tank, it would be nice to have got over 30mpg, but then it performs so well so you can't have it all I guess.

After all that misery onto the plus!

Its around 5" wider than the competitors, this was a big selling point for me as I have 3 young kids and getting 3 big cars seats in other pickups is just hard work. The width also helps with towing. There's also loads of headroom. I'm quite tall, I couldn't fit in the new navara, I had to drive with my head to the side in the sunroof, in this I can wear a hat!

The engine is so quiet and so powerful it really amazes me. Accelerating from 50+ in most pickups is usually a put your foot down and wait but this just pulls and pulls and pulls. I could keep the caravan at 60mph on pretty much any motorway in the 3.0 Isuzu so long as I planned ahead and dropped a cog before the hill, however if you lost any speed you couldn't get it back until you were on the flat. With this I can accelerate up the hill and it doesn't even break a sweat.

It's very quiet and confortable, you can motorway cruise with ease and eat up the miles.

The full time 4wd was also one of the biggest pluses, it's just there, I got a bit carried away going into an icy corner this morning and which a bit of shuffling it got me around. I don't think I would've been so lucky in the other trucks I've had where you have to select 4wd.

I want to take it offroading to try it out, more than the odd muddy site which it goes on now, but nothing that will damage it. Obviously it is lower than the competition and long so I'm not expecting too much from it. So if I ever come across some like minded people organising a trip I will try join in Smile

It's not a pure working truck by any means, it's just too plain expensive but if you want a vehicle that is like a car but can carry, tow and get you on and off sites it's a great truck.

I know enough to be dangerous.
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