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Nissan Patrol Questions for a potential purchase

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Gate Opener

Joined: 18 Jan 2011
Odometer: 47
Location: Surrey

PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:40 am    Post subject: Nissan Patrol Questions for a potential purchase Reply with quote

Morning All,

I currently have a LWB Royal Exceed Delica like no other but possibly fancy a change to something a little more modern so have found myself looking at Patrols (among others like pick ups/estates/LC etc) and wondered if you could help me answer some Patrol specific questions?

Looking at 2003 onwards for price range and so far as I can tell from 2003/4 onwards I would be less likely to encounter the engine troubles the earlier 3.0 l had. Correct me if I am wrong please:)

My main questions are:

1)What is the maximum length load that can fit in the back with the seats all folded flat? The Delica has spoiled me rotten with van like space.

My driving is 90% lots of short trips back and forth for work carrying kit (1-5 miles) but I also use the Delica for adventuring around Europe so I am accepting of "interesting" economy around town.

2) Can I expect low 20's for such short trips and perhaps high 20's to low 30's on my longer adventure trips (hoping to keep roof luggage to just an awning and roof box for the next long trip)?

3) I like to do most of the maintenance myself but have seen a couple of posts saying how awful the 3.0 patrol is to work on: how true is that?

I've worked on the Delica/Hilux Surfs/Pajeros and found them all to be OK for the most part.

Thanks in advance...


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Sooty Zooki
Mud Obsessed

Joined: 16 Nov 2003
Odometer: 4828
Location: Beverley, East Yorks

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm away from home for another week, so cannot give you a measurement of boot space with seats folded down, but it is substantial.
I get low 20mpg on short trips and low 30mpg on a steady run.
Would not worry too much about year and reliability of early engines. Most blow up after being messed around with (turbo is vnt and very sensitive to things like egr blocking, big bore exhausts, intake mods will affect way it spools up so needs adjusting to keep it within normal parameters if you go down that road)
I'd look for bone standard well maintained example and install boost gauge and egt gauge - this will confirm normal operating parameters.
Blocked intake manifold is common problem that also contributes to engine grenading so be prepared to clean it out (bit fiddly to do) but long term prevention is easy with oil catch can and egr blocking.
I love my 2002 and do my own maintenance. I come from suzuki samurai and Jimmy background and its similar except things are much heavier and bigger so gearbox or engine swap is not a one man job. Axle maintenance is very similar and manageable on your own.
Great workhorse and a nice drive imo. Good standard level of equipment and comfort too. Very underrated in this country.
The early earlier 2.8 is a good reliable engine but less powerful but easy to tune (fixed vane turbo and conventional mechanical fuel pump).
Good luck mate.

Reformed Suzuki Samurai owner (but still has a 02 Jimny!). 1993 Fourtrak 2.8 TD Intercooler.
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