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Drumclog 24

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Naughty T
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:04 pm    Post subject: Drumclog 24 Reply with quote

Hey offroaders drumclog booked, all info below

Well folks it's that time of year again

The 24th drumclog event has been booked for The weekend of 28/29/30th April 2017


All information is below,please make sure you EMAIL ME (info at bottom of this post) to book as i need to know the numbers to expect for organising toilets,burgervan etc.

The cost is 30 per day per vehicle or 80 for the entire weekend (fri/sat/sun) all passengers are free. (the revised price now includes the price of the porta loos)

The site at Drumclog is situated just south of Glasgow(see directions below) consists of 1500 acres and has terrain to suit everyone,you can have a relatively easy drive around the site or you can go try out the more difficult and usually VERY muddy parts of the site,it is very unlikely that you will cover the whole site during your weekend.

This really is an excellent site for offroading both for the experienced offroader and the newcomer and the event is more than worth the journey ,meeting people from all over the Uk and socialising in the evenings is a huge part of it and makes the event what it is.

You will be allowed to turn up to Drumclog fron Thursday LATE AFTERNOON/ EARLY EVENING to set up camp if you wish to make the most of Fridays offroading,camping will still be FREE and you will be allowed to stay at the campsite until Monday if you need to. Partners,feral children,dogs (under control) all welcome.

Absolutely no offroading allowed after dark, the site is very different in the dark and if you get into any trouble you will be putting others at risk who need to come and help.

We ask that you tidy up behind yourselves by taking away any rubbish that way we can ensure that we carry on being able to hold this event.
On the subject of fire,we no longer have our wood supplier so if any of you have wood for the fire feel free to take it along with you,we NEED our bonfire.
There might be a catering van onsite to feed us if we have enough numbers.

This really is a brilliant event and you will go home having had a fantastic time.

There are plenty pics of the site on here and on difflock if you do a search.

To book your space you will have to email me at (don't forget to add this email address to your contact lists to prevent any correspondence ending up in your junk mail).Please DO NOT try to book via pm because it will be ignored.
In your email could you please include:

Name and Username:
Contact Number:
Emergency Contact name and number:

After you have emailed me these details i will email you back within 7days to confirm your booking.

The rules will be kept as relaxed as possible,in the past we have had a few incidents of non payment or blatant disregard of safety,if you do not think you can follow a simple set of rules or if you intend to just turn up to the event to cause trouble or to try and get a weekends off roading without paying then please think again.ANYONE matching this description will be asked to leave the event and will not be allowed to attend these Drumclog events again!!
This is a fun and friendly event and we want it kept that way!!!!!

Tracey Fraser

Please send any enquiries to


Directions to 'Clog:

From England.

Go to Scotland

M74 Junction 8 follow signs to Kilmarnock on A71. (Try to resist coming off at 9) Then it's Stonehouse then Strathaven all on A71.

In Drumclog village turn left right after the Church with the Steeple

Follow this road and you will come to a cross roads.

Head straight on
Campsite is on the left about 400/500 yards in.

Canny miss it - even the Irish sometimes get there!

Naughty T............bringing difflockers together since 2004
Cleverly disguised as an adult!!!!!
Ged please send Gray his absinthe!!!!!!
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