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Another VM diesel thread!

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Mud Obsessed

Joined: 12 Oct 2004
Odometer: 2390
Location: Meopham - Kent

PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:44 pm    Post subject: Another VM diesel thread! Reply with quote

OK, We have a 97 XJ with the 2.5 VM diesel. I believe the engine is out of a 95/96 as there are a few differences with what I have looked at etc.

We have done a major overhaul of the engine over the past few months and its all back up and running and STILL not running right! 4x brand new injectors and still giving the typical limp home symptoms. Its not permanent though. some days it will power through to 3500 RPM no bother. next day it will stop at 2000 again.

Pulled the codes up on the dash and we are getting 13, 22 and 43. 13 = MAP sensor but this engine doesn't have a MAP sensor. 22 is coolant temp sensor but that is reading fine on the dash? and 43 is one of three.

peak primary coil current (guessing petrol?)
cylinder misfire (again petrol?)
problem in power module to logic module interface (whatever the hell that means!?)

Are there any other things that might be causing the limp mode or anything else I could look at?

I am going to try and get it to a Bosch service centre before xmas if possible and see if they can find anything. my little scanner and the regular garage scanner wouldn't touch it!

Cheers guys!

Witty comment coming soon..
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Gate Opener

Joined: 28 Jan 2010
Odometer: 40

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I run a VM 3.1TD so a little different to yours. Six years ago I experienced an intermittent loss of power with no warning lights coming on. The engine was dropping to idle speed with no response from the throttle.
It would cure its self by switching off and restarting but would reappear eventually.

I changed things like fuel filter and ran some fuel cleaner through the system, checked the resistance on the sensor wires from number one injector.
Eventually I unplugged every connection related to the running of the engine that I could easily reach including: -
Both temp sensors on the side of the block,
All plugs on both ECM. (engine bay and below back seat on a WJ).
Fly by wire transmitter.
Number one injector.
(cannot remember if I managed to disconnect the pump plug)

I gave all these a liberal spray of switch cleaner, let them dry, sprayed again and reconnected and disconnected the plugs a few times finally giving one more liberal spray, let them dry and reconnected.

Problem disappeared! Of course I have no idea exactly which plug caused the problem but itís done a few miles now without that problem reoccurring.

Worth a try if youíve not already done it.

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