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Landy or Mitsi ?

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Winch Assistant

Joined: 05 May 2004
Odometer: 95
Location: tamworth staffs

PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:29 pm    Post subject: Landy or Mitsi ? Reply with quote

PLEASE help - getting brain fade now !!!
WANT a Disco 2 with the 'facelift' (so has to be 02 onwards?) Thing that puts me off is the self levelling susp (only on rear?)
Reasonable example is 03 3250 96k 2.5tdi
Looking also at Mitsubishi Shogun (don't 'like' the looks) no SLS etc... (plus point)
Eg 07 3000 71k 2.5
both have good spec (not too important) sevice history 1 yr mot, etc. (Looked at Toyota L/Cruiser also but more)
Can a Mits Shogun really be a better buy (seems so). I need something to slide into now 'getting old', but don't want problems (who does).
ANY advice/experience please. Yes I know LR folks will say buy LR . I WANT one. (Many years of LR grief experienced by me)
All of my 'experience' is limited to 'assisting' with any mechanical works. For example 'I' have built a Bobtail/hybrid Rangie with a friend (for me) from the chassis upwards, but what do I know about PDF's. (FA).
IS this the time t buy a diesel (yes will still buy).
Would each of the above have a PDF ? (most of my miles local/short), or do you add Adblue to the tank nowadays ? Just don't know !
If only you could find a locallish dealer for each. 50 on the f/court, spend a few hours on your back and come away 'happy'.
Don't really want to spend > 3-4k on a rusting 'asset', just want something that gives me a bit of a buzz. (Seen an Austin Champ 12k and a 101 Forward Control Landy 13k - b****ger there I go again !
Help me please
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Mud Obsessed

Joined: 14 Nov 2006
Odometer: 6040
Location: scunthorpe

1989 Suzuki SJ

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't think you will have a dpf but may have egr at that sort of age.

I think you will find the discoveries go rotten at the back end and underneath. I wouldn't be put off by the air suspension, it's great so long as it's been maintained and not bodged. Many people bodge as they don't want to spend money on vehicles of that age / value.

I wouldn't worry about diesel as the only thing that is likely to happen short term is it gets banned in cities so unless you regularly go into major city centres it's unlikely to be a problem. There will always be a market for that type of vehicle regardless of fuel, if it hit the value by 20% that's only 500 your risking.

Adblue is sprayed into the exhaust from a separate tank, it isn't mixed with the diesel, doing this can damage the engine. I don't know of anyone that has retrofitted adblue and had the appropriate paperwork and emissions tests done and I can't see what advantage you are expecting to get from doing so? At the moment the only places I know that restrict vehicles based on the engine euro rating is commercials in London and some French cities based on having a crit'air rating.

I've never had a shogun, the only common problems I've heard of is dual mass flywheel and them getting pinched by people that like to tow large caravans. I believe the shogun has the superselect transfer box so you can run on road in 4wd like the land rover does but don't take me 100% on that as i'm not sure what years it applies to.

I know enough to be dangerous.
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