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Earn cash from your vehicle
New ad Difflock Classified Ads Index
Advert details
Category 4x4
Sub category Vehicles
Title Earn cash from your vehicle
Short description Want to earn cash with your vehicle?
Price £130.00
Additional information Hi All,

Would you like to earn money with your 4x4, ATV, Pinzgauer type vehicle or tractor and trailer?

Iím looking for individuals nationally, in the highlands and Islands of Scotland, all of you living in our near national parks and/or remote areas around England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

I work in the mobile telecoms industry and need people to drop men and equipment off to mobile telecoms sites first thing in a morning for 0800hrs. You need to stay with the guys until their work is complete, and then bring them back from site to their vehicles.

The terrain will range from going across a muddy field, through wooded areas or up large mountains tracks and vehicle dependant, across marsh land. There will be some challenging terrain so if you enjoy using your vehicle, why not get paid to have some fun with it.

The scope of what is expected from you is, to drive the guys from the point of collection, take them
and their equipment to site in a serviceable 4x4, ATV, Pinzgauer type vehicle or tractor and trailer...thatís it! You will not be expected to get involved in their daily activities, only to drive from point A to B then B to A.

The work is as and when required by the mobile phone operators and volume is area dependant...Itís not a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job and definitely not taxing mentally. For you efforts,
I will pay you £130 a day all in for what will be an half an hour to an hour max of driving. The rest of your time will be relaxing by the site, so a good book or ipad loaded with films will help pass the time.

If this is something youíd be interested in, please contact me on the following email - with the subject ďInterested in drop off/pick upĒ All I need at this stage is the nearest town /city to where you live so I know if I can cover the whole of the UK, a description of your vehicle type (4x4, ATV, Tractor and trail), name and contact number please. If I can set this up, thereís something in it for us all.

Itíll be a couple of weeks to a month before I get in touch just so I can gauge interest and see if I can
get national coverage... After that, I will give you a call for a chat to discuss further.

Kind Regards

Advert info  
Date added 29 Aug 2018 
Expiry date 29 Oct 2018
Ad status Active
Views 111
Comments 0
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