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Suzuki SJ413 Free to a good home
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Advert details
Category 4x4
Sub category Vehicles
Title Suzuki SJ413 Free to a good home
Short description Tired SJ - free for someone to collect (apologies for the delay in responding to those who replied last time!)
Price Free
Additional information So there is a fair amount of sentimental value attached to this little SJ, itís the car I learned to drive in as a small kid (offroad) and has seen many an adventure. Sadly, though after the passing of a family member it was parked up under a leaky, leafy pagoda, and is now in completely sorry state.

The car ran when it was parked up (at least a decade ago) but it smoked heavily and was in need of work back then, from what I can recall the water pump needed replacement, and there were probably a bunch of other things which needed doing too Ė it wasnít in a great state cosmetically either even then.

After many years of ivy and rain, the body is rusted more or less everywhere, the window is cracked, the sunroof ďsealedĒ with duck tape. Interior is mouldy in places. Three of the wheels are good though, held air for 10 years. The spare and front seem shot. Chassis appears rust free. And if I can recall correctly the odo reads 17k (whether this is 117k or just not accurate Iím afraid I have no idea).

I would love to think the car would be repaired, or rather used as the base for a project. And so if anyone wants it, even just for spares, itís free if you come and collect it (itíll need a trailer) and we live near Henley-on-Thames.

Any questions or additional photos just let me know.
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Date added 20 Oct 2017 [ Last edited by davidevo on 15 Apr 2018 edited 3 time(s) in total ]
Expiry date 15 Jun 2018
Ad status Active
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